What is The Global Investor?

The Global Investor Newsletter is a research newsletter oriented towards the in-depth analysis of companies all over the world. We are currently focused on the US, China and other emerging economies such as Latam and we plan to cover more regions in the future.

I am a firm believer that my research should help get started the due diligence process of all subscribers but it should never serve as a substitution of it. Conviction is not something you should borrow from anyone.

We have currently managed deep dives on the following companies:

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Time is a serious constraint for many investors, especially for those that are not able to do this full time. By subscribing, we’ll take care of your initial research by providing two tiers of access:

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Who am I?

BuyandHold 🇧🇷

Hey, I’m Henry, I’m a M&A, Corporate Law and Startup Law lawyer, based in Brazil, but more importantly: I am a Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet, Howard Marks, Li Lu, among others; reader and a China, Latam and Southeast Asia enthusiast.

I’ve been investing for some years and concluded that the most prolific way to have success is developing principles, and sticking to them. I hope to share some of my principles with you through our posts.

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